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Welcome to Pure Eco Systems 
Pure Eco Systems are a South West, UK based leader in the supply and installation of PV Solar Panels for your home and commercial use. With Solar Panels installed not only will you benefit from free electricity throughout the day but you will also be paid for every unit of Green energy your system generates.

We pride ourselves in running a professional and friendly service that makes installing Solar Technologies in your home a simple process.  Our advisors are ready to give you all the information you require to confidently take the step to having a more energy efficient green home.

In a time when energy prices are to carry on increasing for the foreseeable future there is no better time to make your home energy self-sufficient.  In three simple steps we will guide you through the whole process.  Firstly take the step and contact Pure Eco Systems. Then, with your permission we will perform a quick survey using our system calculator to see whether a solar installation would be feasible on your property. Once surveyed, we will send one of our Energy Advisors to speak to you in the comfort of your own home.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest Pure Eco Systems will always be there for you, we will check up on you, make sure everything is working as is and make sure you are getting your money worth.

Why You Should Choose Our Company

  • We strive to have the best customer support and customer satisfaction.
  • Our no worries price assures you that are you getting the best price.
  • Choose from the widest variety of insurance companies and options.
Now the Grant is available for everyone so make your application now before it gets too late as there has been a lot of speculation that funding might run out very soon and it is very important for you to get your application in quickly, to reserve funding for your Pure Eco Systems.
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Mrs Coulson Another 4 Kw system goes on the roof of a very beautiful property in Downderry PL11 Area. Continue Reading
Mr & Mrs Hull Another smiling happy customer Mr & Mrs Hull in PL6 Plymouth area had a 4KW system installed. Continue Reading
Mrs Burnard Our very Happy Customer Mrs Burnard who has a 3 KW system on her roof in PL31 Bodmin Cornwall area. Continue Reading
Find Frequently Asked Questions Here Everyone has questions they want to ask, Pure Eco Systems hopes to have answered them below, for you!

Solar PV is about daylight. A common misconception is that the panels are reliant on heat, when in fact they actually lose efficiency when conditions are too hot. The UK has the perfect climate for solar as we rarely get too hot and being in Northern Europe means we get more hours of daylight than our Southern European counterparts. Daylight causes the silicon in the panels to react which then produces electricity. This electricity is called Direct Current (D.C), we are unable to use this electricity in our homes as the voltage is not regulated.

The DC power is then channeled through an inverter, the role of the inverter is to change the power to Alternating Current (A.C) which is the electric we use for our household appliances and lights. The power then leaves the inverter as A.C and runs through a generation meter which records how many kilowatt hours (KW/h) of energy your system is producing. The power then reaches your consumer unit and is ready for use.

Any surplus energy is automatically exported to the national grid.

The amount of electricity a PV system generates is dependent on the size of the system you are able to fit, the orientation of your roof as well as your geographical location.

Being in the South West, we are fortunate to benefit from more daylight hours than anywhere else in the country - meaning your system is likely to produce more than an equivalent system elsewhere in the country.

PV systems are modular, allowing a great degree of flexibility in design and specification. In practice, the size of a system is often determined by the available roof space or the energy requirement of the property. A standard 1kWp PV array will occupy at least 8m² of roof.

PV arrays can be mounted in a range of locations but the roof of a building usually provides the best and simplest site.

We are not limited to flat roofs either - having successfully installed several PV systems on flat roofs.

Ground solutions are available if your roof is unsuitable using ballasts or specially designed mounting frames.

Shade will play a factor in the performance output of a PV system.

Any concerns over shading will be identified during a brief roof survey that we perform prior to a consulatation with an Energy Advisor.

All of the Solar PV solutions on our website are designed to be mounted on top of an existing or new roof. Although Solar PV systems are not normally heavy enough to cause structural problems, if your roof is in poor condition we would recommend that you undertake a structural survey before proceeding with your installation. If your roof is in need of repair or replacement we would recommend combining this work with your PV installation as this will help to reduce cost.

Find Your System Size With Our Solar Panel Calculator. The Solar Energy Calculator estimates the size of the system you could have using the domestic Feed-In Tariff scheme which is available in England, Scotland and Wales, for eligible PV installations of up to 4kWp including new build.
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106 Phase 2, Plymouth Science Park, PL6 8BX
01752 694 984 or 01752 694 969 -

We are situated in the state of the art science facility at Plymouth Science Park. If you would like more information about having solar energy at your home, please feel free to get in touch.