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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pure Eco Systems

Who Are Pure Eco Systems Ltd.

Pure Eco Systems Ltd. are experts in PV Solar Panels.  We offer a wealth of knowledge on how a solar panel system can work best for your home or business.


How Does Pure Eco Systems Quote Process Work?

We run a very hands on business and we welcome new ccustomers of Pure Eco Systems as part of the family.  By simply sending us a message through our contact form, we will contact you to arrange a home visit to give you all the information you require about taking the next step forward to installing a PV solar system.


General Solar Energy Questions

What Are Solar Panels Made Of?

Solar panels are made up of cells which have a layer of silicon in them that converts light energy into electricity. There are three different types of silicon including monocrystalline , polycrystalline and amorphous.

Monocrystalline is the most efficient, though panels using this may cost more.

Polycrystalline is less expensive; however the panels tend to be larger and less efficient.

Amorphous panels are the cheapest and more effective in low light conditions. They are also much more flexible and can be bent or twisted to fit in awkward locations. However, their lifetime is not generally as long as mono or polycrystalline silicon panels and their overall efficiency is lower.


What Is The Solar Declination Angle?

This is the measure of how far away your panel is from the equator. You will need to take it into account when deciding on the angle you want your solar panel to be installed at.


What Makes Solar Energy Green? Why Is It Good?

Solar Energy harnesses the natural power of the sun, not only does it mean the electricity you are using is clean because fossils fuels aren't burned to make it, it is also renewable and abundant. You can also save money as you are not forking out for ever increasing energy bills and Government incentives can help you even more. 


Do Solar Panels Need To Face South?

No with new technology now you can install Solar Panels on East,West or South facing property and in turn generate as much electricity for you as possible. Remember Solar Panels work off of daylight and not heat so to get the best results they should be exposed to as much light as possible. 


Who Can Have Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are open to all as long as you meet some basic criteria. A homeowner can install an 4kw panel which should provide all the electricity their family needs, however churches, schools and farms are just a few of the structures that are also eligible to benefit from the installing Solar Panels.


Where Does Solar Energy Work Best?

Solar panels will work anywhere in the UK as long as they are on a south,East or West facing roof. Depending on where the panel is, it can be tilted towards the sun at different angles so it works at maximum efficiency



Do I Qualify For Solar Panels?

If you are the property owner and so long as your roof is not north-facing, you potentially qualify for solar panels. If you live in a conservation area or in a listed property you should check with your local council to see if you need planning permission.


Can I Have Solar Panels In A Conservation Area?

You potentially need planning permission. The argument will probably be over the look of the solar panels and whether or not they are in keeping with the rest of the conservation area. The good news is that there are now tailored solar panels on the market which fit into the design of buildings, seamlessly replacing roof tiles, for instance.


Price/Cost of Solar Panels

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of the Solar panel system will depend on the size of the available roof and the size system we can fit on the roof once we send an adviser around he will be able to tell exactly what size system we can fit and what kind of saving you should be getting from your system.

Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive?

The panels themselves aren't all that expensive when you consider they last for 40 years, provide much cheaper electricity, and qualify for a 20-year feed-in tariff that gives roughly a 10% ROI and, in cash terms, a combined savings and earnings of £900 or over per year. The cost is not just for the PV panels, it's for the installation too. A badly installed PV panel is no good to anyone!


When Will Solar Panels Be Cost Effective?

The fact is, they've been cost effective for years, and as technology improves their efficiency increases. Germany for example, which we in the UK often characterise as being uber efficient, recently generated 50% of its national electricity with PV alone. Solar panels typically offer a 9-10% ROI, tax-free and idex-linked, compared to the 3% offered by banks and building societies.


Can I Get Free Solar Panels?

Until recently, rent-a-roof schemes were available but as the feed-in tariff has changed these are no longer on offer. However there are still solar loans, and with a 10% ROI for 20 years you will still double your money.


Can I Get A Loan For Solar Panels?

Yes, you can! Our adviser will go through with you about the different options that we offer Unlike the old rent-a-roof schemes, with a solar loan you own your own panels. To qualify for a loan you must be the property-owner.


Solar Panel Installation

Why Buy Solar Panels?

There are a number of compelling reasons:

(i) You get cheaper energy for up to 50 years (solar panels last a very long time).

(ii) You add value to your home and increase its energy efficiency rating.

(iii) Combined energy savings and feed-in tariff earnings of around £800 per year.

(iv) ROI of 9-10% is three times as generous as bank and building society rates.

(v) All earnings are tax-free and index-linked.


How Long Will My Solar Panel Installation Take?

Solar panels can be installed and hooked up to your electricity meter – and to the National Grid – in just two days.


Energy Savings/Making Money From Solar Power

How Much Will I Earn From The FiT
The current feed-in tariff is 13.39p/kw which is reviewed often sometimes every three months for latest Feed-in tariff please visit

You can earn money for the electricity you produce as well as using it for free. That means not only will you be able to use electricity for free from sun rise to sun set but you will aso get paid for every kw you generate.

Of course, you also benefit from free energy during the daylight hours for the full lifetime of your panels – around 40 years – which adds to the value of your home, and its energy efficiency rating.

How Much Energy Will I Save?
On average your solar system can save you between £650 - £1050 that are the savings on your Electricity bill as well is the GOVT incentive (Feed-in tariff).

Remember that you will need to ensure that your property is eligible for Solar Panels and have an EPC rating of D or above to qualify for the Feed in Tariff. Fill out the form and you will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a free survey.

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