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Save up to 90% on electric bill with battery back up solar system

Why send solar energy back to the grid only to buy it back at a higher price when you need?  
Solar battery storage ensures you use all the free solar energy you generate by storing the unused electricity from the day to use at night, it is the obvious addition to any home owner who already has PV solar installed.

It is now possible to retro-fit battery back-up to existing solar PV systems. Whatever type of system you have we can now find you a set-up to meet your needs. When deciding what size back-up system you will need, the following points should be considered:

  • Solar PV system size and components.
  • How much electricity you use annually and the daily average.
  • Your typical power demand in the evenings.
  • Maximum power demand.

Why use batteries?

As people are faced with above inflation price hikes in energy costs by the major companies and publicity increases regarding the risks to future generation of electricity in the UK, those with solar PV arrays are looking into how to store the excess electricity generated by their systems.

Solar of course generates electricity during daylight hours but wouldn't it be wonderful if the excess energy could be stored up and used during the night-time hours. Well solar inverter manufacturers have recently started responding to growing demand from solar customers to be able to retro-fir batteries to use more of the electricity generated by their PV arrays.

To enable the battery option to fulfill customers needs we would also need to carry out modifications to the property's consumer unit. The consumer unit would need to be reconfigured so that high demand loads such as electric showers bypass the inverter/charger system altogether, but this wouldnt make any difference to the shower's ability to draw electricity from the PV array itself. Remaining circuits would split in the event of a power cut so that critical loads could be maintained above other less important electrical devices, for example the fridge freezer might be a device that you would want maintained. 

One in every 50 households across Britain has electricity-generating photovoltaic panels

Solar PV power generation in the UK soared by 93% year-on-year in 2014 and reached 3.9TWh, according to new figuresreleased by the Department for Energy and Climate Change today.

The Green Deal is the new government initiative that is designed to help business and home owners to employ more green technologies in their properties.

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